Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Most Frightening Thing in the World Grad Project

Wow, Im two weeks late with this new post, but anyway. In high schools across America, every student must souly depend their whole future on one thing, the graduation project. No, No, No come back, dont run away!. That is what my AP class has started working on, now mind you, its 15-20 pages and is due in 10 days. I am freaking out, if we fail, we don't graduate, well, no. If we fail she is giving us a chance to re do it to get at most, an 80. Not bad, but last year I got 100 on my research project, and i am aiming for the same. Probably wont make it. I am holding my own in AP, but it is terrifying, very, terrifying. One of my teachers from junior year said he will try to help me (the one who gave me 100) but Im still terrified. My topic is on juvenile sentencing, and I dont want to fail. I wanted to do obesity, but I did that already and would just be "Reusing". Whatever. Well, along with that I have a presentation, I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I AM GOING TO DO!!! A powerpoint, simple, I just dont know how I am going to accomplish this all in two weeks and with Hanukkah(imma jew) coming up, I wont have time. Ughhhhh God, Shoot me dead. I hope I pass Senior year and can decide if I want new jeans


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