Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Year of Dread-Senior Year: Introduction

You know how when you have your favorite pair or jeans for a really long time? they are really faded, have a few rips and then there is that stain from when you spilled ramen or salad dressing on them or what ever that is and they are actually kind of disgusting? Yet, its all you know and they are really comfy and been around forever and it is hard to give up? Yeah, well that is what my place of residency is to me. Oh humble P.A, so this applying to different colleges in different states is kind of....scary? I mean I want to go to NY, that is where there are enough weird people to make me seem normal, but am I leaving something behind?

aloha. I am Marina, a Senior in highschool, I am starting this blog for shiggles and really have no other reason for doing so, No one will probably read or be interested, but lets see what happens. So far I have applied to two school Purchase in NY and Delaware State in DE. I don't know when I'll get accepted and I still have four more applications. Its nerveracking considering Purchase is my dream school and I honestly hate my school and home and cant wait to get out of here, i am still kind of drawn to this peaceful life I have been living....peaceful? ok maybe not but still. Not to mention I will be on my own for the first time EVER! with no one I know.

Yet isnt a senior/freshman mission to venture out, experience new things, and live life to the fullest. That is untill your old and grey, yet I still cant get out of my old jeans.

However, that is still months away and this blog will have weekly posts about my adventures, sorry ths one is so short.


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