Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grad Paper-Finished and other stuff.

Hallejuah, praise the lord, thank you jesus!(wait, Imma jew) I have finished my grad paper with a total of 15 pages(that including works cited) I can breath freely now. (Take deep breath) OMG you don't even know what I went through with this damn, muverfucking paper. It has been pure hell and murder and I feel like shooting who ever invented this bullshit, but I can say I am done! Done! DONE! It feels so good to breath, now I just hope I don't fail, but there is a  catch! If I do fail, I have a chance to make corrections, and for that,  I am happy. I just hope I do not have to do that, I was scrambling the last couple minutes, trying to force out the last bit and I did it! It felt so good, soo good. ALMOST ORGASMIC. It however drained me so I am not able to type straight LOL. Im just done. Also more news

 I got accepted into Delaware State University. YAY!!! Not where I really wanna go, I wanna go to purchase as you know, but still, at least I have a back up. They sent me a little flag too, it feels great knowing someone wants me.

Also, this weekend, I have the PIERCE THE VIEL CONCERT, like a little reward for all my hardwork. Lol, well im out. I got to start posting more regularly.


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